Epoxy is the toughest when it comes to floorings. Due to the chemical compounds bonding, the flooring creates an impact resistant floor that is able to withstand and handle heat, shock, heavy machinery and more without cracking or wear and tear. Epoxy is also a more sanitary flooring option. Since epoxy is poured, there are no seams, joints, or ridges, that you see with other types of flooring. This eliminates cracks and crevices for dirt and bacteria to hide during cleanings. Furthermore, epoxy is applicably more resistant to stains and water damage and will not warp due to its tough protective layer. Epoxy is also a great alternative for residential garage flooring.    

There are many benefits to epoxy flooring. A great number of companies will choose this type of flooring because of its ease and strength. This flooring creates a seamless and easily cleanable surface that can withstand foot and machine traffic, extreme temperatures, oils, chemicals and other fluids without corroding, cracking, or peeling over years of constant use. 

​​Epoxy flooring is also known as polymer flooring or resinous flooring. The chemical reaction of the resin and hardener form a hard plastic coating on top by creating a bond to the substrate. 

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