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You can always look on the internet to find inspiration for the vibe and appearance you are trying to achieve. If you are still unsure of picking a final color or have any questions throughout the process, contact the professionals at Blake’s Painting. With over decades of experience, we would love to help you find the color you are looking for and create your dream home!! 

Picking out the color for the exterior of your home can be stressful and a lot to consider. You want to pick a color that will boost the appearance of your house and be sure the color does not clash with your trim, roof, and other details of the house. Exterior house colors will have an essential impact on your home’s overall aesthetic. Read some of our top tips for picking an exterior color for your home!

April 12, 2024


 Picking Your Home’s Exterior Paint Color 

  • Tip 1- Firstly, we recommend homeowners to think about the mood they are trying to set. Are you looking for bright colors to bring a welcoming feel? Neutral colors will bring a more modernized, calming look to the home, while black colors will create a sleek, chic feel.

  • Tip 2- Another tip is to account for your home’s architectural detail and style. This includes things like windows, trim, doors, and the style/layout of your home. Decide if you are wanting these to blend in or stand out. Base your colors from either highlighting or complementing these areas of your home’s exterior. Pertaining to the style of your home, certain styles pair better with specific color palettes for the home’s exterior to bring a more finished, flowing appearance.

  • Tip 3- Another tip we strongly recommend is taking account of your house’s surroundings and landscape. Try to pick a color that pairs well with surrounding homes, landscape, environment, etc. to create a coordinated and cohesive look.

  • Tip 4- Base your exterior color on your home’s materials and texture (Bricks, stones, tiles, vinyl, etc.). Choose colors that compliment and bring together your home’s exterior appearance. 


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